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Summer 2012 Events


In conjunction with McGill, CICSA will be hosting the 2012 Canadian Collegiate Summer Summit in Montreal!

The Canadian InterCollegiate Sailing Association invites YOU to join us at the event!!

This fun filled weekend promises great discussion and will begin with:

Open Space Session – each team is to bring something they wish to discuss (a challenge their team is having).  This time we are also asking each team to bring a short 20 minute presentation on something they do well and would like to share with the rest of CICSA.  Example Issues & Team Strengths: insurance, yacht club negotiations, team commitment, website, social media, how to start a team, how to start a learn to sail club, performance, etc…

CICSA’s Goals and Direction Session – We will review the findings from the committee, come to common ground on CICSA goals for this year and the following few.  We will go about taking the first steps to accomplish this together.

Social Media and Team Development – reviewing best practices from school’s across Canada.  Lets get social and talk it up!  **social media night – promises to be a MAJOR highlight!

Meet the Exec and join a Committee- As CICSA looks to tap into our unlimited potential, we need to work closer to accomplish our goals.  It’s about building a culture in our Canadian Collegiate community.. the summer summit will be your first taste.

Board Meeting – As per usual a brief board meeting will be held to overview official approvals for the fall and other long-term requirements, the board meeting will begin at 1PM on Sunday June 23 and end at 5 PM.

Each school should send a minimum of 2 representatives to Montreal for the Summer Summit, and no more than 5 (upon special requests, team may be permitted to include more than for large team representatives will be considered upon request).  We hope to see you there in person! (we will be offering Board member call in via Skype for Sunday’s BOD meeting, not to worry our microphone system now works like a charm!)

How to register??

Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM here!

You will receive confirmation of your registration form one week prior to the summit.

For questions Contact: .

Please RSVP By June 15th.



RCYC - CICSA Summer Team Racing Series

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club Roaring 20s, in partnership with the Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association,  is hosting a team racing summer series.  The series of events kicks off with a training camp the weekend of June 2-3.  Four weeks later, the First Annual RCYC Team Racing Regatta is to be held on the weekend of June 30-July 1.The purpose of the Summer Team Race Series is to connect the R20 Age demographic in both the RCYC and CICSA.  The events will be competitive, fun and will leave everyone more knowledgeable in Team Racing.For the RCYC R20 members, it is an opportunity to tap back into racing, get out with the old squad (maybe meet the squad?!) – or learn a new style of sailing and keep your edge.For the CICSA community, it is a good training event for the CICSA National Team Race Championships hosted at Queen’s University in October 2012.  It is recommended that each school sends two representatives.  These leaders should be two people who are up and coming leaders and who will bring the knowledge of team racing back to their school to better their team.

The event is for EVERYONE on the invite list (yes YOU, don’t be shy!), anyone who’s school is a part of CICSA or any member of RCYC may apply to attend.


The Training Event, June 2-3 @RCYC

Move fast, the TRAINING EVENT only has a limited number of spots & is reserved for:

*12 RCYC R20 members

*12 CICSA members (i.e. 2 people  per university in the central region (Ontario and Quebec) but all school’s may apply to attend)

*6 ‘wild card’ spots **


Please fill out this form to register for the Training event:


**Wild Cards are awarded to keen applicants who exceed their categories reserved spots, OR who show promise as a new CICSA or RCYC members.

The training weekend is to be coached by Olympic Silver Medalist, 2 time Canada’s Cup Champion and New York Yacht Club Invitational Champion Terry McLaughlin.  Please catch the 9:15 AM boat both days, there will be a BBQ provided on Saturday night followed by night time activities.

The training event will cost $40/person for RCYC members and $50/person for non-members, payment is to be paid upon registration Saturday morning.  There is a BBQ on Saturday night, the training camp will be sailed in Ideal 18s and 420s.


The First Annual RCYC Team Racing Regatta, June 30 – July 1

The RCYC is hosting the First Annual RCYC Team Racing Regatta, June 30-July 1, Canada Day Long Weekend.  The event is to be raced by a minimum of four teams and a maximum of nine.  The event is to be 3 boats VS 3 boats, raced in ideal 18s and 420s, each team will consist of at least 6 people and no more than 6 may race at one time (the boat format is to be published shortly).  The RCYC is located in Toronto, Canada.

Please register in teams (6 people per team), you may apply as an individual or pair as well, and we will notify you of your team 1 week prior. CICSA teams are encouraged to apply as school’s – other Applications will be accepted from CYA and U.S. Sailing affiliated yacht club members in good standing.APPLY NOW - there is a 9 team limit for the event!


Please fill out this form to register for the First Annual RCYC Team Racing Regatta.

Event price is to be confirmed, and will be between $66-$100/person. There will be a BBQ on Saturday night. The events will be held on Ideal 18s and 420s.  More details to come on format.

Questions?  contact:

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Other Details

RCYC Launch Location and Dress Code

–The R20 is a group of sailors at the RCYC who ‘encourage 19 to 35-year-olds to become more active at the club and to promote events that are offered.’ –

–The mission of the Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association is to ‘promote sailboat racing at the collegiate level in Canada.’ –